• Learn from The Expert

    Dave Farley shares his 25+ years experience through video presentations, conceptual models, reading materials, case study examples and practical exercises, so you can learn the what, why and HOW of excellence in Software Engineering.

  • Comprehensive Learning Experience

    Substantial courses that achieve real change in skill and practice, through a combination of: knowledge transfer and explanation; reading and reflection; conceptualisation and reinforcement; exploration and practical exercises.

  • Self-Paced Study

    Flexible, modular curricula, that you can study anywhere at your own pace, individually or in teams. With opportunities for advice and feedback, downloads and take-aways for future reference. Build expertise from one course to the next.

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CD.Training Testimonial

"Until taking this course I thought I knew what CD was all about. I thought our pipelines were encapsulating all that CD had to offer. I was wrong! In this course you'll learn what CD is really about, both the technical disciplines as well as the business and cultural implications. If you truly want to deliver value into the hands of your customers then this course is for you!"

CD.Training Testimonial

'I'm still trying to process all of the knowledge but I can tell you now that it was invaluable to my professional development in DevOps! Thank you!'

CD.Training Testimonial

“Acceptance Testing module was probably the best 2 hours of training I’ve ever been on.”

Dave Farley Testimonial

'The fact that Dave is one of the creators of the discipline and had successfully implemented it gives him huge credibility.'

Dave Farley Testimonial

"It has helped me to know what great looks like and come up with a plan to get there. It's well put together. The worksheets encourage doing, rather than just consuming."

Dave Farley Testimonial

"Really put our current practices into sharp relief! This is an excellent tool - not just for the benefit of the attendees but to feedback valuable information to the company."


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