Quality and Value

All Dave Farley’s Expertise, Teachings and Advice, 
in Video Lessons, Worksheets and Demos,
for YOU to Study at Your Convenience,
at ONLY 30-40% of the Price

(compared to Dave’s in-person training events).

  • Learn from The Expert

    Dave Farley shares his 25+ years experience through video presentations, conceptual models, reading materials, case study examples and practical exercises, so you can learn the what, why and HOW of excellence in Software Engineering.

  • Comprehensive Learning Experience

    Substantial courses that achieve real change in skill and practice, through a combination of: knowledge transfer and explanation; reading and reflection; conceptualisation and reinforcement; exploration and practical exercises.

  • Self-Paced Study

    Flexible, modular curricula, that you can study anywhere at your own pace, individually or in teams. With opportunities for advice and feedback, downloads and take-aways for future reference. Build expertise from one course to the next.

Group Programmes

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Deep Dive into the Details and Take All the Advice Presented"

Senior Developer

"An excellent course introducing the basics of modern software engineering, that covers practical aspects of, and explains the theory behind, the approach that makes a difference between the top performers and the rest of the world in today's software engineering. If your current project or software engineering approach in general does not match your team's or your business' expectations for any reason, I highly recommend to deep dive into the details and take all the advice presented during this course seriously."

The Digital Format - A Much Better Learning Experience

Software Team Lead

"As busy software team leader I found the digital format - being able to pick up the material at times that suited me and the ability to work at my own pace - was a much better learning experience than the the usual disruption of travelling to a training centre and staying away overnight."

Compelling and Information-Packed

Senior Engineer

"This compelling and information-packed course was a real eye-opener. I learned a great deal from Dave's friendly and enthusiastic presentation. He covers many areas of Continuous Delivery in detail, demonstrating how the holistic CD approach allows teams to remove unexpected (and tedious) bottlenecks and concentrate on what they are good at - the creative side of software engineering... and to do it faster and better.
 I can't recommend this course enough - I can't wait for the next one!"

Energised, Inspired and Optimistic


“The course made me feel energised and inspired to tackle large projects with more energy and control. It also motivated me to be optimistic about what is achievable.”

Learn What CD is Really About

Technical Lead

"Until taking this course I thought I knew what CD was all about. I thought our pipelines were encapsulating all that CD had to offer. I was wrong! In this course you'll learn what CD is really about, both the technical disciplines as well as the business and cultural implications. If you truly want to deliver value into the hands of your customers then this course is for you!"

What Great Looks Like

Company Founder

"It has helped me to know what great looks like and come up with a plan to get there. It's well put together. The worksheets encourage doing, rather than just consuming."


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