Group Training Programmes

Cohort-Based Training for Teams

Transform your software development process 
Develop critical engineering skills at scale
More cost-effective and convenient than off-site training

Invest in learning with minimal disruption to work priorities

All our Training Courses and Programmes are available for Group Bookings - so that teams can share their learning experience and you can get a more tailored experience with Continuous Delivery Ltd.

What's Included?

  • Dedicated Course

    Tailored Course Title and Log-In for the sole use of Your Cohort, including a Company Message in Course Welcome/Introduction.

  • Community Forum

    A Discussion Forum where you can Share Questions, Answers and Ideas with your Cohort and Company.

  • Scheduling

    Scheduling the Timing and Delivery of the Programme to meet the Teams' Priorities and Constraints.

  • Course Coordinator

    Lead Team Member with access to Monitor Student Progress and Liaise with Course Instructors.

  • Workshop

    Optional Follow-on Workshop to Explore the Application of Learned Skills and Techniques to the Workplace and Current Projects.

  • Group Price

    Single, Fixed Price for a Group of Students. Payable on-line, or by Invoice in a Range of Currencies.

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