Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the course!

  • 2

    Stories, Examples and Specifications

    • Why Acceptance Test?

    • What is Acceptance Testing

    • Teamwork & Communications

    • BDD - Defining the Behaviour of the System

    • Exercise 1 - Specifications Without Implementation Detail

    • BDD - It's All About Behaviour

    • Event Storming - Understanding Your Problem

    • Capturing & Translating Requirements

    • Story-Mapping - Organising Requirements

    • Exercise 2 - Story Mapping

    • Specification by Example

    • The Language of Exec Specs

    • Review Your Learning - 1. Executable Specifications

  • 3

    Effective Tests

    • Test First

    • Properties of Good Acceptance Tests

    • Acceptance Tests & BDD

    • Exercise 3 - Finding Stories and Examples

    • Exercise 3 (Answers) - Finding Stories and Examples

    • Exercise 4 - Thinking not Coding

    • Real World Worked Example - Part 1 - Finding Stories

    • Real World Example - Part 2 - Stories to Examples

    • Review Your Learning - 2. Effective Tests

  • 4

    Test Infrastructure

    • Building a DSL for Testing

    • Managing Test Isolation

    • Protocol Drivers & Stubs

    • Testing Time

    • The Four Layer Model

    • Dealing With Intermittent Tests

    • Using the Four Layer Model in Cucumber & SpecFlow

    • Review Your Learning - 3. Test Infrastructure

  • 5

    Test Strategy & Adoption

    • The Scope of Acceptance Tests

    • Effective Test Strategy

    • Review Your Learning - 4. Test Strategy

  • 6

    Course Completion

    • Congratulations!

    • My Feedback

    • References, Links and Recommendations


  • This amazing course is „customer focus in a box“!

    "The ATDD & BDD course is just amazing! Never saw the topic being conveyed that clear and actionable. Feels like a starter kit we have been missing for quite some time."

  • “The fact that Dave is one of the creators of the discipline and had successfully implemented it gives him huge credibility.”
 - Senior Developer

  • “Last week I started to create my acceptance testing setup and I started to follow the process with three different teams. They all liked the process very much!” - Digital Business Designer

  • “The Acceptance Testing module was probably the best 2 hours of training I’ve ever been on.”
 - Software Engineer

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